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Céline Gingras, a stained glass artist,
specializing in the making of angels 24 carats gold plate.

This site was designed to meet a demand for an original gift for a great person for a special event. A gift that you can keep for life.

 "The flowers fade,

the angels watch and stay"


All the angels are handmade here in Quebec. 

Angels can be ordered  online.
Delivery is quick, easy and safe.

Good shopping

Although the site is designed to promote glass angels, we can also produce specific and customized projects such as ...

  • Lamps panels
  • Feng Shui lamps
  • Decorative panels
  • Glass panels for windows
  • Repair of stained glass
  • Light sensor...

If you want a more personalized item,  please
contact me

Stained glass courses are also offered

We also offer stained glass courses. The maximum number of people per course is four. A discount can be given for existing group.The courses are offered just week-end.

Courses are in french.

To learn more about attending the stained glass courses, please contact me