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An angel,
an original gift idea to offer to
a great person for a special event!

The hand-made, the glass angel is a very original gift idea.To express your feelings, to favor emotional ties or reconnect with  people you care, to share their joys and sorrows.


The angel can offered for a variety of events and all occasions of life...

From birth until death.
From failure to success.
Great happiness to small disappointments.

Opportunities, such as birth, disappointments, joys, trials, failures, successes, disease. It can also be offered for baptism and first communion as well as many other religious events and collectors of angels. 


A very popular gift idea for everyone !

Much appreciated among secular, esoteric, religious people as well as collectors of angels.

Give an angel

This gift can be offered at any time and is intended for everyone, regardless of belief.


All you have to do is choosing
your model!


Angels collection plated with 24 carats gold


The glass angel is 24 carats gold plated and hand made.
Each angel is signed and is accompanied by a biblical thought :

I will watch over you" Jeremiah 40.4
Which may be detachable.

Get an angel

The artist reserves the right to select other glass texture than shown herein while maintaining the same colors as seen on the picture. However,colors may vary slightly depending on the screen and configuration.

We can also make an angels with other colors under certain conditions.Rest assured that we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Any additional costs governed by the Bureau of Customs and subject laws of your country are not included in the price.